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puzzle game? [Apr. 11th, 2005|03:10 pm]
No Name Group


[mood |productive]
[music |fischerspooner - emerge]

So, you say puzzle game. I say I agree.

Basically, you're making a song. The way you do it is pulling specific squares out of rows of squares. Each square has a note associated with it. Make a combo of squares, and then that bit of the song gets to play for awhile. Eventually, though, they run out, and you have to make that combo again (you can make it before it runs out, to keep it constantly going). The more combos you can keep up at once, the higher your score.

To pan through the squares in each row, you use L and R, or maybe the directional arrows. But I'm feeling L and R. To put a block in a combo, you hit A. To remove a block from the combo, you hit B.

Squares are falling in rows, like I said. They stack up, too. If you get a combo, the line you pulled the final square of the combo from disappears. Every five combos, five lines disappear from the piling up rows on the bottom of the screen (or, you know, adjust this by level of difficulty, and we'll see what number works out specifically).

Yeah. So, that was my idea. Thoughts?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I whipped this up so you could see what's in my head.

I hope you feel healthy soon :(

[User Picture]From: lexcorpninja
2005-04-12 02:56 am (UTC)
Maybe put a bar on the bottom that displays how much of the song is left and how much of it you have comleted from making combos? So you can see when you're going to run out?

Sounds like a decent idea, we should definitely play around with it. :)
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